Signal Spam launches its 1.5 application and consolidates its services

19 May 2010

Signal Spam has recognised its role in the email ecosystem and in the effectiveness of the reporting data that underpins all anti-spam processes.
After a complete audit, Signal Spam has collaborated with Alter Way Solutions to implement a v1.5 that meets the latest business standards in terms of security, reliability and performance. This version will be deployed on a dedicated infrastructure and new hardware hosted by Alter Way Hosting.
This update allows Signal Spam to reactivate its Feedback Loop service available to ISPs, members of Signal Spam, and to email service providers, members of the SNCD.
In addition, this version has been prepared to accommodate new developments such as the integration of specific data flows - for CERT-Lexsi and eBay, for example - and to ensure a transition to version 2.0 by 2010-2011.
Version 1.5 has been operational since 19 May 2010 and will be audited by the ANSSI in June 2010.

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