Update on module updates

22 August 2018

Signal Spam's reporting modules must adapt to changes in messaging systems, browsers, software versions and sometimes even operating systems. 

In this article we provide an update on the work done to keep your reporting environment up to date during the summer of 2018. 

1/ Mac OS 10.14 (Mojave)

1.1/ Mac Mail v12

The update for Mac Mail v12 (Mac OS 10.14/Mojave) is ready.

From now on, Apple will require the user to activate the module in the general preferences of Mail after each installation or update. This is to avoid plugin installations in Mac Mail without the user's knowledge.

We will therefore adapt the installation process to display an additional information page at the end of the installation process to indicate what to do next.

N.B.: The "Dark" mode which should become widespread with Mojave (the next Apple OS) is well supported by our Mac Mail module.

1.2/ Safari v12

Safari v12 (Mac OS 10.14) now requires that modules be installed from their App Store, but more importantly that these modules be developed with a new API.

This new API is very different and much more limited in terms of functionality (at least for now).

Apple has made a choice that goes against the grain of other browsers that have chosen to converge on the Web Extension API.

We have been working since the beginning of the summer on a complete rewrite of the extension.

Fortunately, we should be able to release the current version on the App Store and have more time to adapt the extension to this new API.

However, users migrating to Mac OS 10.14 will have to re-install the module.

We therefore need :

- publish the existing module on the App Store

- update the existing module to notify users and encourage them to re-install the module from the App Store

The release date for Mojave is expected to be between September and October.

2/ Thunderbird

The Thunderbird module has been updated for the new version, and is already available for users who had installed it from the Signal Spam site (without going through the Mozilla Store).

The updated version available on the App Store is still being validated by the Mozilla/Thunderbird teams.

A big update is expected in the next few months as Thunderbird should move to the Web Extension API and probably abandon the old XUL-based technology.

3/ Opera

The Chrome module is compatible with Opera. We need to publish it.

4/ Tor Browser

The Firefox extension is compatible with the next version of Tor Browser (v8) which will be released in September.

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