New site, new modules, new functions

15 December 2016

In 2017, Signal Spam will offer you a brand new website and revised reporting tools. 

First of all, the new, updated website will allow for a more thorough follow-up of your alerts by giving you back some of the enrichment information: for example, you will be able to follow your alerts and their classification (phishing, scams, commercial e-mail, technical notification, malicious e-mail, etc.).

In addition, Signal Spam will offer revised modules for Outlook (compatible from Outlook 2000 to 2016), Mac Mail, and Thunderbird. The first module for Outlook will be available in January, around the same time as the release of the new site. 

Most importantly, all Signal Spam modules will be enhanced early this year with new features: each module will offer protection against a phishing message you might be worried about opening, and - in addition to reporting an email - the browser modules will also report a URL when you identify a phishing site while browsing. 

These new tools and features will allow us to offer a better experience and a wider range of actions against spam!

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