New site: about qualifying your alerts

17 March 2017

You may have noticed that the Signal Spam website has been revamped. In addition to a more modern graphic charter, better information, and access to updated data on reports, it is especially your reporting space that has evolved. You can now follow the evolution of your reports, and we give you back the qualification of these reports.

Many questions are asked about the qualification of reports. Signal Spam uses various technologies (analysis of headers, source code, semantic study, comparison with anti-spam databases, etc.) to propose a classification of reports: phishing, abusive mailing, malicious ...

An e-mail that appears "unqualified" is an e-mail for which the tools do not allow a simple and automatic classification. It can also be a "legitimate" e-mail that you still want to report. This does not mean that it is not processed. Actions can be taken against the reported e-mail (based on the IP address of the spam sender, or its domain name, etc.) without it having been qualified.

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