OCLCTIC and Signal Spam sign a partnership agreement

4 May 2011

OCLCTIC and Signal Spam sign a partnership agreement in response to the increase in Internet fraud 


Valérie Maldonado, divisional commissioner, head of the central office for combating crime linked to information and communication technologies (OCLCTIC) of the central directorate of the judicial police (DCPJ), and Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, president of the Signal Spam association, the trusted network for action against spam, signed a partnership agreement on Wednesday 4 May 2011 as part of the fight against spam, which is a vehicle for fraud and scams, and for a safer Internet.

This signature formalises a public-private partnership started in 2005 and formalises the optimisation of the systems put at the service of Internet users as well as the effectiveness of the actions against spam and spammers. A unique project in the world bringing together all the players in the email ecosystem: companies and operators, associations and public players, Signal Spam is based on the reporting by Internet users of emails of any kind of which they consider themselves to be victims, in a simple manner.

Building on the wealth of partnerships for even greater efficiency 

Three years after the creation of the national platform for reporting illegal Internet content (www.internet-signalement.gouv.fr), the statistics show the persistence of these lucrative criminal practices. If in 2009, the platform called "PHAROS" received 52,353 reports, of which 50.6% related to scams, in 2010 77,646 reports were received, of which 57% related to scams. For 2011, if the trend of the first three months continues, the 100,000 mark could be reached by the end of the year, half of which are related to scams. 

Optimising reporting flows by combining skills 

For Valérie Maldonado, "it is in a spirit of efficiency in the common plan to fight against spam that the director general of the national police has issued a favourable opinion on the signing of this agreement. It ensures a judicious rapprochement between the PHAROS and Signal Spam platforms. In this respect, a redirection to Signal Spam is now proposed to the Internet user in the PHAROS reporting form when he selects "spam" in the list of offences. Signal Spam is the structure best able to process and analyse spam in all its aspects. 

Fighting spam effectively by tackling it at source 

The information sent to Signal Spam by Internet users is relayed to the public and private players concerned so that they can take action at the source of the sending. Unsubscribing from marketing lists by routers and advertisers, controls by the CNIL of companies with abusive practices, neutralisation by Internet service providers of infected computers used in spamming networks (botnet), are some of the possible actions. This database of alerts is also a source of evidence in judicial investigations by the police and gendarmerie. 

Jean-Christophe Le Toquin, president of the Signal Spam association: "This agreement is a new step forward in the concerted mobilisation of public and private actors. It ensures that we can fight on all fronts to clean up the networks and preserve the trust of Internet users in the use of email. Reporting is acting". 

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