Installation of the Strategic Council

15 April 2010


On Thursday 15 April 2010, Signal Spam's Strategic Council met and elected its executive committee.
The Strategic Council is now composed as follows:
Chairman : Jean-Christophe Le Toquin

  • Vice-Chairman : Vick Hayford
  • Orange/SFR, represented by Alain Doustalet with Philippe Antuoro as alternate
  • CERT-Lexsi, represented by Thomas Gayet
  • Microsoft France, represented by Jean-Sébastien Mariez
  • AFA, represented by Nicolas d'Arcy
  • SNCD, represented by Nathalie Phan Place
  • UDA, represented by Françoise Renaud
  • ANSSI, represented by Franck Veysset
  • CNIL, represented by Norbert Fort
  • Authorities with judicial police powers, represented by Anne Souvira, Adeline Champagnat and Eric Freyssinet

[ Download Signal Spam's "Issues and Perspectives 2010" document ]

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