Eurobarometer on cybercrime

18 July 2012

The European Commission published last week a barometer showing the use of the Internet by the citizens of the Member States and their apprehension of the risks linked to cybercrime.

If a majority of French and European citizens are aware that cybercrime can represent a risk for their machines and their personal data when using the Internet, only about 40% consider themselves "well informed" about the existing threats.

The press release accompanying the publication of this barometer mentions that " 12% of Internet users in the European Union have already been victims of online fraud, and 8% of identity theft. However, 53% of Internet users have not changed any of their online passwords in the past year" .

In particular, the barometer reveals that the first cybercriminal manifestation that French and European citizens are actually confronted with is spam (junk mail) aimed at collecting personal or banking data.

You will find the barometer at the bottom of this page, as well as the press release of the European Commission in the press section of Signal Spam


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