CNIL strengthens its partnership with Signal Spam

6 July 2017

The Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) today announced a closer partnership with Signal Spam.

The CNIL explains that it has taken this decision in order to improve the effectiveness of the fight against spam (

"Noting that despite its day-to-day mobilization, complaints about unsolicited advertising messages continue to increase (10% of complaints in 2014, 12% of complaints in 2015, 22% of complaints in 2016), the CNIL has decided to change its mode of intervention.

In order to fight spam more actively, the CNIL is moving from an individual investigation of complaints, which has shown its limits, to a collective treatment based on a reinforced collaboration with the Signal spam association. The more systematic centralization of reports to the Signal spam platform will enable the CNIL to have a global view of the phenomenon, and therefore to conduct more effective investigations and repressive policies.

Operationally, Signal Spam will accompany CNIL agents in analysing the campaigns and senders that Internet users complain most about to Signal Spam, with a view to carrying out a more sustained control of the legality of the collection of consent and the sending of e-mails.

Signal Spam already provided the CNIL with a classification of the most reported domains and spam campaigns, and technical information allowing the identification of the authors, but this reinforced cooperation will allow for more effective action which should lead to sanctions against unscrupulous actors and the Data Protection Act and Article 39-4 of the Electronic Communications and Posts Code.

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