Spam Perception Barometer for the third quarter of 2019

8 October 2019

The spam perception barometer for July, August and September 2019 is available.

The first thing that stands out is the split between spam of cybercriminal origin and commercial prospecting reported as spam by Internet users. The split was traditionally 25% / 75%, but this edition of the barometer confirms the trend observed since the beginning of the year with a greater proportion of spam coming from e-mail marketing. This does not necessarily mean that we are witnessing a surge in commercial prospecting: On the one hand, filters are improving and on the other hand, there have been several recent successes in the fight against cybercrime, which generally has the corollary of reducing spam, such as the dismantling by the Gendarmerie Nationale's centre for the fight against digital crime (C3N), in conjunction with Avast and the FBI, of a botnet that had infected some 850,000 computers with the Retadup virus (known to have attacked hospitals in Israel, stolen data from Israeli patients, and even manufactured a lot of cryptocurrency).

However, it is clear that the problem of abuse of marketing prospecting remains, with a network of companies established in Spain that flout the legal framework and good practices. Spam reported from Spain represents more than 10% of the total reported, which makes it the leading European country for spam (it is normal to find France in first position, as Signal Spam users are mainly established on French territory).

Finally, you will find in focus an educational sheet from the platform, of which Signal Spam is a member, concerning the updating of devices for prevention purposes.

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