Spam perception barometer for the last quarter of 2018

9 January 2019

The Signal Spam barometer of the perception of spam by Internet users for the last quarter of 2018 is available. The most notable fact is the preponderance of commercial e-mailing in the perception of spam: 95% of spam reports from Internet users concern an e-mail relating to commercial prospecting (classically, the level is around 70% of spam for marketing e-mail and 30 for spam of cybercriminal origin).

This number can be explained in particular (but not entirely) by the holiday season, during which "blackfriday" is increasingly popular in France, and by the industry's advances against cybercrime. By a rebound effect, the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) has also led to large waves of communications reported as spam, with some actors wanting to exploit one last time bases whose use would become more and more dangerous and reprehensible after the entry into force of the regulation and during the few months that followed it.

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